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Ski Erg 8 weeks - 1/2k Personal Best Smasher

Ski Erg 8 weeks - 1/2k Personal Best Smasher


This program is designed to enable you to gain 2 personal bests on the 1k and 2k Time Trial (TT) tests. These tests are a test of both power and aerobic capacity. You need to be in physically good shape to perform these tests well– there are no hiding places.


Over the next 8 weeks you will push your body to the next level. This programme is not designed for you to sit in the comfort zone. Your mentality needs to be positive, you need to find the time to do the sessions. You also need the mentality to push yourself into what I like to call the pain cave. The fitter you get the easier it is to be in the pain cave. No shortcuts - this is the plan that WILL get you a great time and climb the leaderboards. Just give it all you have.


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