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James has spent 1000s of hours honing the skills required to become the 1k world record holder on the Ski Erg and Row Erg. 


The ergs have become an integral part of CrossFit and functional fitness. By learning proper techniques your members will become faster, more efficient and stay injury free. 

The seminar gives your members the knowledge, tools and inspiration to master the ergs. The seminar is a full practical seminar that caters to all levels of coach and athlete.

What's Involved?


Introduction - Technique - Pacing - Drag factor

An introduction to James, his sporting achievements, coaching style and training philosophy. James will discuss goal setting, competitive mental toughness and the drive it took to take the world record off Olympic standard rowers.

Row - Technique 


James holds the 1000m indoor rowing world record. Find optimal set up and technique for your body type. - Yes everyone will be different. 

There are so many common faults in the rower, meaning poor efficiency, slower pace and less able to then crush the rest of the WOD.


Ski Erg Technique 


James holds the 1000m and 2000m world records on the ski erg. He has literally spent 1000s of hours perfecting his technique. The Ski Erg can be a killer if performed incorrectly. The back rounding into flexion and quads burning out are common faults that, with James' methods will be a thing of the past. 

Epic Workout

It's time to put the new skills and enthusiasm for the Ergs into practice. 1 row based WOD and 1 Ski based WOD -Members are split into teams and have to chip away at a given distance on the ergs. 

Music banging, a competitive atmosphere; this is an epic workout. James will go round and encourage members to push through the pain.


Prize ceremony  - Closing Q+A

With the endorphins running high, James will present 1st, 2nd and 3rd with prizes (hopefully we can organise some sponsors to donate). 

The day is finished off with any burning questions members wish to ask James. 

Costing / numbers 

The seminar is approximately 2 / 2.5 hours and would work best on a Friday evening, Saturday or Sunday morning at your gym.


The cost is $100AUD per person. This is set up via Eventbrite our end with all marketing materials and links provided to share to your members. 

Minimum 15 paying participants for the seminar to run and the maximum number would be dependent on space / access to machines.


All staff / coaches associated with your gym are welcome at no cost.


Upon request -James will spend an hour with your coaches before or after the seminar to give finer details about technique and training techniques, to enhance their knowledge to pass onto your members.

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