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I recently engaged James Hall to help improve my general fitness but also to work on some specific weakness areas as part of a rehabilitation process. Although I was quite nervous engaging a PT (being over weight and unfit) James was brilliant! he actively listened to my specific concerns/needs and quickly identified an approach that would would work for me. I really appreciated a clearly not judgemental approach. James is very accommodating and we’ve been able to find a good series of regular sessions which align with my work commitments. 


I trained with James for around 12 months in the UK Bootcamp, ErgFit and PT sessions. I lost 2 stone of fat in that time and built significant muscle. James is very knowledgable and dedicated to his clients during PT session lifting weights correct technique and form are taught before moving on to heavier weights. The whole experience with James was great he’s a nice guy and can somehow get more out of you than you actually realise your capable of.


I trained with James for a few months after being out of fitness for a while. He helped build my strength and my confidence! highly recommended.


I have had personal training with James for nearly a year now and have achieved better results than I ever would have imagined. His level of technical knowledge is exemplary and has taken me from being a complete beginner to feeling confident in all the compound lifts as well as Olympic Lifts. He is very supportive and approachable which really helps to keep me on track with my online programme and gets the best out of me. I would highly recommend working with James both in person or online, having received a fantastic service from both.

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