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Lean for Summer Programme - Lunching Soon

I'm currently putting together a "lean for summer" progamme, and thought who better to use it on than myself!

The research says 80% of fat loss is diet.

As a Rugby Player and especially playing prop, all I had to be concerned about was being fit and strong. 20-25% Body fat is acceptable as a professional player, even at international level. The preference from the Strength and Coach coaches is for lower body fat, say 12-18%. But if that came at a detriment for the scrum the flab could stay.

So I'm fit and active, and I eat well. But I carry a little too much BF.

So what will need to change?

I won't need to increase my activity level drastically, I will add in 2-3 fasted low intensity cardio sessions a week. I will reduce sugars, but maintain carbs around higher intensity training,I will cut down "treats" and...... I love a beer at the I will only have a few beers on a Saturday night. This isn't a drastic change where I will totally deprive myself of all the things I enjoy, just a few small changes and bit of focus. If you decide you wish to purchase the plan, all these types of things will be tailored to you!

I've dieted 100's of times but only ever seen it as a diet - depriving myself, almost like a punishment. I want to enjoy this process!

All programmes need a end goal, or at least an re-assessment date. Its 4th march so in 10 weeks my aim in to lose 5kg of body fat. Tomorrow I will do a skin caliper test so I know my lean mass and my fat mass.

I aim to update progress on here using youtube as a format twice a week. Stay tuned!!!

Here's a session from today;

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